What is Biosonic?
It is a revolutionary method to measure the changes in the subtle energy field, as well as the lacking minerals and the inactive organs. To carry out these measurements it uses a chromatic analyser program for PC that allows to register the weak note in the organism with the recording of the voice.

It is proven that the brain can make that the organism assimilates better the calcium, zinc, magnesium or any nutritious supplements through the application of sound frequencies. The organism is balanced and it restores the frequencies that it needs to recover the harmony, by means of the application of the necessary frequencies.

How Biosonic Works?

The frequencies (musical notes) contained in the human voice, have information about the state of the person's physical and emotional balance.

Doing an analogy between an orchestra and the human body, if the "instruments" work in harmony they will create a "melody" and if an "instrument" is out of tune it will create disharmony in the "orchestra".

The Biosonic tries to balance those disharmonies from the body/mind by using sounds/frequencies to compensate those that are shown to be different or strange in the voice. The sound modifies the brain waves that disturb the physical, emotional and mental body/mind.

It was discovered that the human voice declared the person's secrets. As well as the acupuncturist "reads" the pulse, or the iridology "reads" the eyes, with the Biosonic we "read" the human voice. By taking a sample of the patient's voice and the program is used to analyse the voice, based in the musical scale notes. Each note is representative of facets different functions from the body and the mind. The Biosonic is a technique of wide reach in the diagnostic orientation of imbalance states.