Biosonic Program
The Biosonic program is a computer software for PC that allows to do a spectral analysis of the human voice and to carry out, based on this analysis, the most appropriate therapy by means of sound waves, applying the patient the weak or missing frequencies in their organism.

The instructions given for the process of Installation presuppose that the Windows system is already installed, that it works correctly and that the user is familiarized with it.

Requirements of the System

To have a good operation of the program it is recommended:


  • PC Pentium to 133 mhz or superior.
  • 32 Mb to Ram memory or superior.
  • Monitor colour with a minimum of 64000 colours.
  • Hard disk with a minimum of 20 Mb free.
  • Unit of CD-Rom.
  • Audio card with speakers and microphone.
  • Printer of injection of ink or laser.


  • Microsoft Windows 95/98 configured to a minimum of 64000 colours.